Wellness Wednesday: Sun Protection

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

On this week’s Wellness Wednesday, I’m reviewing my five favorite ways to stay sunburn-free this summer.

Did you know that getting sunburned once every 2 years can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer? [Source] It’s so important to keep yourself protected from dangerous UV rays!

My skin is ultra-fair and super sensitive, so all of the products I review are safe for easily burned or irritated skin.

  1. 4-oz-Sensitive-Side-3in1-SPF-30-257x472Kiss My Face Sensitive Side 3 in 1 SPF 30. I first bought this sunscreen on a trip to Disney World after I ran out of the product I brought with me. I’ve used it daily since! It’s ultra hydrating, vegan, cruelty-free, and water resistant for up to 80 minutes! My skin always feels amazing after I use it, which motivates me to apply regularly. If you’re looking for an everyday sunscreen that also speeds up your skincare routine (bye, extra moisturizers!) I would highly recommend this product.
  2. 00_BG_sunscreen-stick_05oz-front_2.26.18.pngBabyganics SPF 50+ Sunscreen Stick. What? A sunscreen made for babies? Yes, dear reader, a sunscreen made for babies. Here’s why: it’s roughly 1/4th of the size of my phone, so it’s a great size to throw in a clutch and go; because it’s a stick, it lasts forever–you can buy one stick to get through the whole summer; it’s so gentle on delicate skin; it’s certified organic, water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and nourishes with a seed oil blend. Have I convinced you yet? I’ll use this product when I know I’m going to be outside for an extended period of time and need extra protection on top of my daily sunscreen. The stick shape is really easy to maneuver around tricky-to-protect areas like ears and noses. Seriously, buy the baby sunscreen.
  3. aveeno-hydrosport-wet-skin-spray-sunscreen-with-broad-spectrum-spf-30-5ozAveeno Hydrosport Wet Skin Spray Sunscreen SPF 30. When I was a senior in high school, I bought this sunscreen for a class trip to the beach for field day. None of my friends had brought their own, so I happily shared this spray sunscreen. Not one of us got a burned that day, even the ones who had gone swimming or played soccer or volleyball. This stuff is no joke. It’s lightweight and non-greasy but it magically repels water and sweat for up to 80 minutes. If you’re looking for the right sun protection for serious outdoor activities, this is it.
  4. Sun Hats. I purchased my first wide-brimmed sun hat from Eddie Bauer when I was 13. It’s one of those beautiful, effortless, just-the-right-amount-of-floppy sun hats that I grew up seeing the women in my family wear. Now, sun hats are not only a helpful tool in the war against sunburns, but they’re also on trend! I love these ones from J. Crew Factory, Old Navy, Target, and Land’s End.

  5. Lilly Pulitzer’s line of UPF Clothing. Have you ever seen a cuter way to stay safe from the sun? I own two of Lilly’s UPF dresses and they really work! I wore one to a work event where I was outside for 4 hours. I felt cool and protected while still looking professional. Win-win! (Bonus: They have cute prints for girls too)

Have a happy fourth, and stay sun-safe this summer!

What are your favorite sun protection products? Tell me in the comments below!

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