Foreo LUNA fofo Review

Happy Friday, y’all!

Today I’m going to be talking about my experience with the Foreo LUNA fofo.


I received this cute little gadget in my Summer FabFitFun Box. This post is not sponsored; I just wanted to tell you about this product!

*Heads up: my skin is super sensitive. Dryness, redness, and eczema have always been my biggest skin problems. If you have allergic skin like me, this should be pretty comprehensive. Check out these other Foreo reviews if you have normal, oily, or acne-prone skin or if you wear a full face daily.

About the LUNA fofo

The LUNA fofo is the newest product in Foreo’s cult favorite LUNA Facial Cleansing line. Foreo launched the product by sending them in the Summer FabFitFun boxes. They got a lot of hype, so I was really excited to crack my box open last month and try it out.

First Impressions

  • The silicone “bristles” are so soft – they’re clearly a high quality silicone.
  • It’s a perfect size to keep in your makeup bag or or in a medicine cabinet.
  • I love that I could use it fresh out of the box because it came with batteries, but worry about the environmental impact.

How does it work?

I was thrilled to get the fuchsia model (that bright pink is enough to wake me up on even the sleepiest days). All Foreo LUNA products have soft silicone “bristles” that vibrate when you turn the device on. The sonic vibrations are supposed to help remove dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin. The fofo has two sensors on the front that connect to a Foreo app to analyze your skin’s oil levels. My first analysis gave me “dry” results on both of my cheeks and “normal” levels on my forehead, which I felt was accurate.






The app then prompts you to start cleansing based on your analysis results. The vibrations were softer on my cheeks than on my forehead, where I really needed to cleanse. I use First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser and got a gentle foaming action that I don’t normally get with just my hands.

The fofo prompts you when to change areas of your face with a little pulse in the vibrations and shuts off automatically when it’s done cleansing. Y’all – apparently I’ve been washing my face for way too long! LUNA fofo cleanses in 1 minute.

After just one cleanse, I felt like my skin was a lot softer. The dry spots around my nose and cheeks had a smoother, even texture. I was excited to keep cleansing with it and analyzing my results!

But what about the dreaded “purge” period?

I’ve been cleansing with the LUNA fofo daily for 4 weeks without any signs of skin purging. You can learn more about why cleansing tools probably won’t cause your skin to purge on their own here.

How is it different from other Foreo products?

Right now, the LUNA fofo is the only Foreo cleansing product with the skin senors. While other Foreo LUNA products have customizable vibration intensities, the LUNA fofo automatically adjusts to your skin’s needs. Most of Foreo’s other products are rechargeable, but the fofo runs on batteries. I haven’t had to swap the batteries out yet, but I worry about how that will impact our environment.

Final thoughts

  • My sensitive skin improved in texture
  • I love that it customizes the cleansing to your skin’s needs
  • You will get addicted to analyzing your skin with the fofo

Have you tried the fofo or other LUNA products? More of a Clarisonic girl? Tell me below!

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