Wellness Wednesday: Reminder Bots

Can a few lines of code really help us take care of ourselves?

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday!

I’m going to be honest, reader, I spend a TON of time on Twitter. Probably too much time. But I recently found a way to break up the non-stop feed of news and hot takes: reminder bots.

I’m sure you’re familiar with bots; lines of code that tweet/retweet/follow other users on their own (and sometimes create spam or violate user privacy, yikes). Earlier this month, Twitter purged millions of spam bots from their platform.

But, reader, some Twitter bots are actually helpful. Take @tinycarebot, for example.

Once an hour, it tweets out a self-care reminder, like:


The all-lowercase, single-emoji simplicity of @tinycarebot helps me 1. break up the unbelievable hellscape that is my newsfeed and 2. actually take eat, stretch, and hydrate. Bonus: if you tweet at @tinycarebot, it will send you back a personal self-care reminder.

Maybe you need something more practical. You take care of your physical needs just fine but your laundry stays undone or your dishes pile up. @everydaycarebot to the rescue!

@everydaycarebot reminds you to do those annoying little tasks mucking up your to-do list, like:


I cannot tell you how much the regular “delete some emails” reminder helps me keep a clean inbox and be less stressed later on! (And I totally agree that changing from night PJs to clean day PJs does count as getting dressed!)

Okay, so your self-care needs are met. Maybe you just need a little encouragement to get you through the day. @botsitivity tweets out little hopeful messages to help brighten up your feed. Here are some examples:


It feels like getting a nice text from a friend!

Do you all have reminder bots that you follow? What are your favorite ways to stay positive on social media? Tell me below in the comments!

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