My Experience with Blue Apron and a Dairy Allergy

Hey y’all! I wanted to do something a little different this Wellness Wednesday and talk about my experience with Blue Apron. This post is not sponsored so I’m going to tell you my real opinions!

I’ve been using Blue Apron since we moved in May. I was drawn in by the Blue Apron x Chrissy Teigan collaboration because I am obsessed with her cookbook (and have already pre-ordered the second one).

First Impressions

As a dairy-allergy sufferer, I was nervous that I wouldn’t have a lot of options with a traditional meal delivery kit. I was pleasantly surprised; many of the Blue Apron recipes we picked were easy to adapt or were naturally dairy-free. Last week, both the Vegetable Fried Rice and Seared Chicken in Coconut-Peach Broth were dairy-free (and very tasty). However, a lot of their vegetarian meals use cheese as the protein, so I think it would be hard to manage a meatless and dairy-free diet with Blue Apron.

We started out with 3 meals a week and quickly found that with my busy work schedule, I wasn’t able to share a meal with Evan that often. We scaled back to 2 meals per week and that’s been much more manageable!

I’ve never been big into cooking, but in by the end of my first month, I successfully tackled Kung Pao Chicken, Seared Steak, and Garlic and Soy Glazed Shrimp. That gave me a lot of cooking confidence! I actually looked forward to coming home and making a Blue Apron meal.


I don’t know whose job it is at Blue Apron to make the seasoning blends, but they’re doing great work. We usually put more spice on Evan’s portion than mine because he loves heat, but we’ve never had a too-spicy dish from Blue Apron.

The recipes say “season with salt and pepper” a lot, y’all. SEASON AT YOUR OWN RISK! My first try was packed with sodium because I salted and peppered at every step the recipe prompted. Understand your own taste buds and season accordingly.


Between Blue Apron’s collabs and the variety of recipes to choose from, we haven’t gotten bored of Blue Apron yet. I may have gone a little rice-heavy in June so we’ve since steered our choices more towards noodles or other grains, but so far, everything has been really new!


Our produce, proteins, and “knick-knacks” (the little ingredients like vinegar or honey) have all seemed really high-quality and tasty, but y’all. There was one box that was missing ingredients. That meant we only had one complete meal in the box that week! It was only one meal out of two dozen delicious ones, but it was a meal that I had paid for and was looking forward to.


We live in Connecticut, where the cost of fresh meat and produce can get pretty high. We found the two-meal plan to be affordable ($47.95 per week), even on our limited budget. It is definitely pricey for a family, and you probably won’t have leftovers, but for us, it works.

Overall experience

I’d give my Blue Apron experience a solid 4 stars. It’s quick and convenient, and has options that are safe for my dairy-allergy. The portion sizes work great for me and Evan. Other than getting an incomplete box once, it’s been a great experience–helping me learn new skills and try new foods.

If you’re looking to try Blue Apron, search for some promo codes (they’re out there!) and see if you like it.

Are you a die-hard Blue Apron fan or a hater? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments!

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