2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale: Tips & Tricks

It’s almost here, y’all; the 2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale was announced this morning! I don’t know about you, but I was starting to worry the sale wasn’t going to happen at all!

The sale will start Monday, September 10th around 8:00 am EST and end on Wednesday, September 12th at 11:59 pm EST.

If you’re not familiar, the After Party Sale is the biggest Lilly sale of the year. They do a smaller sale in the winter, but this is the time to get the most styles, sizes, and prints available.

Confession time: I buy most of my Lilly during this sale, so I’ve got a few tried and true tips to help you navigate, strategize, and shop smarter!

1. Create a Lilly account now

For fast checkout (which is necessary during the sale because items in your cart are not reserved for you!) it’s important to make a Lilly account now. Double check your billing/shipping addresses or PayPal info if you’ve already got an account! For the fastest checkout, save your credit card or PayPal info in your account too.

2. Set a budget

Remember that this is a great sale, but I don’t condone going broke! Before each sale, I like to check out my closet to see what I already have and what I’d like to get during the sale. Last year, I bought a ton of long-sleeve Lilly dresses for work, so I don’t need more, but I do need a new LBD and tops, so I’ll focus on those this time around. Once you have an idea of what you’ll be trying to buy during the sale, set a realistic budget for yourself. It can be easy to be swept up in the Lilly madness when you see items for up to 80% off, but it’s important to remain calm, grounded, and steadfast in your budget.

3. Get in line…on multiple devices

I’ve used this trick before to get all of my wishlist items before they sell out! Get out your laptop, your desktop, your phone, your tablet, (your boyfriend’s/mom’s/best friend’s devices), etc. Login to the sale on all of the devices and get into the virtual line. DO NOT refresh the page, you’ll get put at the end of the line. I’ve logged in on various devices within seconds of each other and had wildly different wait times. Here’s the trick: when you get access to the sale on one device, quickly add 1-3 items to your cart and checkout–remember, items aren’t reserved in your cart; that dress isn’t yours until you complete the transaction. At that point, you will probably have access to the sale on another device. Do the same quick 1-3 items and checkout process. Continue this process until you have all your wishlist items!

4. Filter by your size, price point, or print

Seeing items that aren’t your size (here’s the Lilly Size Guide) is a waste of time, so use the filter by size feature! If you don’t want to break the bank, you can sort by price “low to high” or filter in a specific range. There’s also an option to browse by print, so if you’ve had your eye on a specific Lilly print you can snatch it up quickly!

5. My day-by-day strategy

Lilly announced this year that they’re not releasing new inventory online after Day One, so I’d say sticking to this strategy will help you conquer your wishlist effectively!

The After Party Sale officially runs for 3 days, but you can shop early at Lilly Signature Stores. If you live near a Lilly Signature Store, check them out on Saturday, September 8th, and Sunday, September 9th. (My closest store is over an hour away so I strictly shop from home.)

On the morning of Day One, I buy my wishlist items quickly and don’t stop to browse. I create multiple orders (while keeping an eye on my budget, ahem). Afternoons of Day One are typically a little more chill, but more people will visit the site after work, so wait times can increase after 5 pm. If you, like me, are a person who works a 9-5, M-F job, don’t despair. Shop before work, on your lunch break, or after work and you’ll still find great pieces on Day One.

Day Two is what I’ve dubbed “Gift Day”. I browse the site looking for pieces my mom, aunts, or cousins would like. Last year, I got my little cousin a popover during the sale and gave it to her for her birthday. She wears it all the time. If you’ve got other Lilly-lovers in your life, take some time to think about upcoming birthdays and holidays! Day Two is also a great day to browse for pieces you probably missed during the first day of the sale.

I reserve Day Three of the sale strictly for accessories and home decor pieces. I take a look at what I need around the house–some new picture frames, a nice tray, glasses to replace the ones that I’ve broken, etc.–and see if there are any Lilly pieces that would fit into my home! I also will look at beach bags, hats, necklaces, and bracelets.

6. Remember to stay gracious

If the website goes down, if something in your cart gets sold, if piece you want is sold out in your size, remember your manners and put away your Twitter fingers. Lilly has amazing customer service, so feel free to reach out if you have a serious problem. Last year, I got a new card and forgot to update my payment on my account until AFTER I had already started to make orders. I called Lilly’s customer service and they got it straightened away within a half hour. This sale is a monumental effort for all of Lilly’s staff, so even if you get frustrated, mind your p’s and q’s.


I’ll do a full blog post with updates once the sale starts, so keep your eyes peeled! How do you like to shop the sale? Tell me below in the comments!

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