My September Bucket List

Hi y’all; happy Friday! September is my absolute favorite month of the year (and not just because it’s my birth month!) The weather cools off, the leaves start to change, and we can all take some time to re-center and refresh before Fall truly begins. Today I’m going to share my must-do things this month!


  • Get cozy at a bonfire. Break out the chocolate and graham crackers, throw on your softest hoodie, and kick back with the people you love while the air is cool but not freezing! September bonfires > all other bonfires.
  • Go apple-picking. Growing up in New England, this is a huge part of my early fall plans. I’m particularly fond of Scott’s Yankee Farmer, Holmberg Orchards, and Lyman Orchards in the Southeastern Connecticut area.
  • Visit a corn maze. Okay, so I know most people associate corn mazes with spooky haunted houses in October, but I much prefer the un-haunted, meticulously crafted corn mazes of September. Plus, I can go back with my friends later and act like a master of the maze. All three farms I mentioned above have them!
  • Puddle-jump in your favorite boots. I love a drizzly September day. I just got a new pair of Hunter boots (I’ll be writing a whole post on how to find the right Hunters for you, keep an eye out) and I can’t wait to start wearing them!


  • Enjoy an Apple Cider Donut. Where I come from, your favorite place to grab an ACD is a point of contention in many households. I couldn’t survive September without a trip or two to B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill for their freshest of fresh baked goods and the best cider around. PS: Clyde’s is home to the only steam-powered cider mill left in the U.S. and it is fascinating to watch the process!
  • Bake something delicious. You need something to do with all those apples you picked, right? I love this recipe for glazed apple crumb muffins from Sally’s Baking Addiction.
  • Prep for Halloween. I am a big Halloween gal. That means I spend a lot of time in September perfecting my costume, planning parties, and getting decorations ready. Halloween season in our house starts on September 24th (the day after my birthday and the vernal equinox!) Martha Stewart has some cute Halloween party decorations at Michael’s; check them out!
  • Donate old clothes. For many of us, September is the time to revamp our wardrobes. In the transition from summer, we bring out the flannels and long pants, and put away our lighter items. I always spend some time in September going through the gently used items I no longer want and donate them to local charities. Note: I do not mean Salvation Army or Goodwill; I mean look up homeless shelters, halfway houses, LGBTQIA youth organizations, and centers for domestic violence. They need your clothes way more than the Salvation Army needs to sell them. It’s a great way to free up some of your own closet space while serving others!


Here’s a pin-able version of the list for you to save for later:


What’s on your bucket list this month? Tell me below in the comments!

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