Disney x ColourPop Designer Collection Review

Happy Friday y’all!

You know I love a Disney collab, so when I heard they were teaming up with my favorite affordable makeup line, ColourPop, I had to snatch up some goodies from the Disney Designer collection. Below are my honest thoughts on the products; enjoy!




I purchased a Super Shock Shadow in “Heigh-Ho”, a Super Shock Highlighter in “Part of Your World”, and four Crème Lux Lipsticks in “Snow White”, “Belle”, “Ariel”, and “Tiana”.

First impressions: The packaging is so special. My camera does not do it justice. There’s beautiful metallic gold foil on each of the pieces and stars corresponding with each princess’ color on the sides of the lipstick boxes. A note on the back of the shadow and the highlighter says “Keep the magic in. Close jar tightly after use.” The actual pots of shadow and highlight are black and have Cinderella’s castle and some gold foil stars on the lid. I’m not normally one to keep boxes but these ones are too beautiful to toss.

Let’s start with the highlighter. It’s a beautiful, soft pink with just the right amount of pigment. I have another Super Shock Highlighter in “Flexitarian” that can be a little bold for daytime, so I liked that it gave me a kind of rosy glow rather than an obviously highlighted look. All ColourPop highlighters are buttery soft so they blend really well. This is definitely going into my routine.

Next is “Heigh-Ho”. Look y’all I know it’s tacky but I love a bold white shadow to highlight the corners of my eyes and under my brows. Because I am so fair, the usual colors just don’t work for me. I have ColourPop’s “Tassel” Super Shock Shadow, and it’s a true white with a lot of silver glitter. I love it for going out, but again, it’s bold for a daytime look. Heigh-Ho is a little more of an ivory tone with a finer, more multi-colored shimmer effect. I am not joking when I say I literally gasped when I put this on. I love it and I wish it wasn’t limited edition so I could buy it forever.

Here’s what they look like swatched on me: (Part of Your World is on the left, Heigh-Ho is on the right)


Now let’s look at the lipsticks!

I’m big into lip color. My go-to look is a bold lip and a simple liner look so I was thrilled to see lipsticks included in the collection. Each of the pigments correspond with the princess’ lips in the movies! I also cannot believe how smooth and moisturizing these lipsticks are. They’re uber pigmented, so you really only need a single swipe to get the color you need–with or without blotting. They’ve also got great staying power; you will have to reapply after eating or drinking, but these babies are kiss-proof.


I bought the colors that I thought would look best on my skin tone, but they also have Cinderella and Jasmine options.



Ariel. The Ariel Lux Lipstick is a little peachier than my natural lip color but honestly, who wouldn’t wanna kiss the girl with this orangey-nude? Ariel has always been a favorite princess of mine and her shade did not disappoint!



Belle. This one sold out so fast! I can see why. It’s a gorgeous mid-tone berry color that would look great on just about anyone. This was the first product I tried and I sent my friends photos immediately because I was so excited about it.




Snow White. Pale girls + a true red lipstick = a match made in collab heaven. I had jet black hair as a baby and my mom used to say I looked just like Snow White so I couldn’t pass up her shade! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect red and y’all this is it.



Tiana. I’m a sucker for a deep, merlot purple-y red and this shade is just gorgeous. There’s a joke about kissing frogs somewhere in here but I’m too in love with this color to figure it out.


Overall, I was really pleased with this collab but sad to see it run out of stock so quickly! I’m always a fan of ColourPop’s quality and affordability, and I hope they do another Disney collab soon! Villains, maybe? I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Rapunzel line.


Were you able to get anything from the collection? Who’s your favorite princess? Tell me below in the comments!

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