Wellness Wednesday: There’s An Oil For That

Hello readers! Happy Wednesday. If you know me IRL, then you know that I’ve been a little obsessed with essential oils lately.

I’m sure I just lost some of you. Look, am I still going to get my flu shot this year? Yes. When my ears were bothering me from an infection, did I still go to the doctor and get on antibiotics? Yes. But does diffusing lavender and frankincense help me sleep better? Yes. Do I turn to plant-derived cleaning products rather than have asthma attack after asthma attack cleaning with bleach or heavily-fragranced cleaners? Yes. Am I gonna try to sell you oils with this post? Nope. I’m only here to share my experiences, not tell you how to spend your money.

I am not a woman who claims she’s living in a “chemical-free” home because spoiler alert–essential oils ARE chemicals. Everything is chemicals. (Shoutout to my high school chem teacher Mrs. Holmberg.) For me, it’s the difference between buying synthetic, potentially carcinogenic chemicals and ones derived from plants. I got super upset when I saw people in the essential oil community posting about the LaCroix being “toxic” when Limonene and Linalool are both found in essential oils.

If you read my post about my journey to eczema-free skin, then you know I fell into oils kind of accidentally. I thought the whole essential oil fad was hokey and that they didn’t work. After struggling with steroid creams for what seemed like forever, my skin holy grail came in the form of a little tin of essential oil-based salve that saves my sensitive skin to this day. But my desire to “ditch-and-switch” the rest of my products didn’t come until later.

Enter… my mom, the ultimate influencer in my life. A friend of hers had started selling essential oils through the company doTERRA (Young Living peeps, keep reading; I talk about my YL experience later). My mom bought a doTERRA kit and started using them around her store. She swapped out hand soaps, candles, cleaning products–pretty much everything she could swap, she did. I asked her if she could make me a bottle of all-purpose cleaner because a. I am 24 and on a budget so I cannot afford trips to Target every month where I buy 4 or 5 different cleaning products that make me sick anyway, and b. it smelled really really good. Before long, I bought my own doTERRA “Family Essentials” kit. I didn’t do a ton of research about doTERRA before I bought my kit. While I liked the products, I didn’t feel like I got a ton of support from doTERRA about how to actually use them. My mom helped a little. I made a couple of rollers. I kept up with the all-purpose cleaner. But I was looking for a stronger community to help guide me.

Enter… Marissa Meade of Style Cusp/Cusp Essentials. I was a longtime follower of Marissa’s on her blog (hello, fellow Connecticut girl!) but hadn’t really checked out her wellness insta before. Marissa’s essential oil brand of choice is Young Living. I started to do a lot of research about the company, and when Marissa announced that YL was having a sale on their starter kits, I took the plunge. Here’s the thing that I don’t think a lot of people get about Young Living. Once you buy a starter kit, (which has 11 oils, a diffuser, and extra goodies) you become a “member” and get a 24% discount on any other purchases you make from them–again, did I mention that I’m on a budget? Some people get freaked out about becoming a member because they think that they have to sell the products and let me tell you, I was not about to be caught up in a weird pyramid scheme where I would have to buy a ton of inventory just to enjoy the products myself. Nope! If I want to share, I can, but I don’t have to sell if I don’t want to.

A lot of essential oil users say that it really matters who you sign up with and I have to agree. I wouldn’t have joined if I didn’t see the value in what I was being offered by Marissa and Young Living specifically. The thing that I found most helpful from joining Marissa’s team was guidance and support! She has classes all the time and a huge backlog of posts about what oils are good for which uses. I think my favorite thing about Marissa is her “you can’t do essential oils wrong” attitude. We’re all learning together. Also, she never makes any claims about curing illnesses or healing diseases with essential oils. I’m here for keeping myself and the people I love “above the wellness line” but I’m not here for “buy this and solve all of your medical problems.” (There’s a joke in here about selling snake oil, but I can’t think of it.)

Here’s some of the ways I use my oils throughout my day:

  • I have a roller with lavender + peppermint + carrier oil to help relieve any brain pain I get from staring at screens all day long.
  • I’ll put a couple of drops at the bottom of my shower so the steam will carry the scent:
    • Citrus Fresh, peppermint, and lemon are all great ones for waking up in the morning.
    • Lavender, Valor, and Stress Away help me relax at the end of the day.
  • I diffuse different scents at home and in the office:
    • Thieves and lemon all day long at work because it smells like fall and cleanses the air.
    • Panaway and Stress Away diffused together smells like root beer–I love it.
    • Valor and peppermint is Marissa’s “Girlboss” blend; I’ll diffuse it on busy days or before a big meeting.
    • Lavender + frankincense + cedarwood supports restful sleep.
  • I have simple Thieves + carrier oil roller that I put on my feet and along my spine before going to bed. When my co-workers had nasty colds and stomach bugs, I was only out for 1 day, rather than the usual 4-5 days it takes me to get over sickness, which I attribute to a boosted immune system. (Again, not curing but supporting!)
  • I stuck a rollerball on Digize and roll it on my stomach when I’ve got an upset stomach. I’ll be real with you–it doesn’t smell great, but it does help me feel better!
  • For respiratory support, especially with allergies/cold and flu season happening, I like to rub a couple of drops of Raven on my chest with some coconut oil to help open me up.
  • I’ve been using the Thieves cleaner that came in my starter pack and loving it.
  • I got rid of dryer sheets altogether and put a couple of drops of lavender or Citrus Fresh on wool dryer balls for my clothing and linens.
  • I put a drop of Tea Tree on a cotton ball on a pimple that was forming and it cleared up super fast.

They’ve really become a part of my daily routine! I know this might seem like a lot, but all but two of the oils I mentioned above (Valor + Tea Tree) are a part of the YL starter kit so it was really easy from me to get going right away.

If you have any questions about essential oils, either company, getting my roommates on board, recipes, etc., please feel free to drop them in the comments below or shoot me a DM on Instagram. See you again on Friday!

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