Holiday Card Reveal

Happy Monday y’all! I loved spending time with my family and friends this weekend (the 23rd was Evan’s birthday!) Now that it’s officially the Christmas season, I wanted to show you guys our holiday cards!

The Photos

Our friend and local photographer Allie Dearie offered us a 20-minute holiday session that we couldn’t pass up after our carnival-themed shoot this summer! To be real for a minute, Evan does not like having his picture taken but Allie always makes him feel comfortable in front of the camera. It’s clear by the way he smiles in the photos! Allie came up with quite a few poses and locations for a 20-minute shoot. We ended up picking these photos as our favorites:

AllieDeariePhotography-36AllieDeariePhotography-10AllieDeariePhotography-26AllieDeariePhotography-39AllieDeariePhotography-3 (1)alliedeariephotography-455488925847322130089.jpgalliedeariephotography-332922028939886899155.jpgalliedeariephotography-294188856170347992701.jpgalliedeariephotography-5441099483291597912.jpg

(Could E be any cuter?) Literally easiest shoot ever. I can’t recommend Allie’s work highly enough–she’s amazing!

The Cards

Evan and I have used Shutterfly for our holiday cards every year and really enjoyed the quality of the products and the ease of access. No joke, I usually make at least a couple of Shutterfly photo books for gifts each year. (You can actually get a free photo book by clicking here!) This year was quite a process because I wanted to showcase Allie’s beautiful work! It took me about an hour to finally pick our design and photo. Here’s the finished product:


I love that you can pre-address the envelopes on Shutterfly (saves me writing out our full return address 30 times!) This was my favorite shot from Allie’s session because Evan and I are both so genuinely happy! I couldn’t think of a better way to showcase our love.

We can’t wait to send these out to friends and family! The chalkboard look and little illustrations just really fit our aesthetic and we couldn’t be more pleased. What do you think?

Cheerfully, Darcy

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