Breaking My Blogging Hiatus

Is this thing on?

It’s been a minute, dear reader, since we last spoke. In fact, I haven’t updated anything here for TEN MONTHS. So let’s take it back to January 2019: my department of 4 became a department of 2 (with me at the helm), I was working on enormous projects, and, frankly, wasn’t sure if anyone was reading my posts/if my voice mattered at all, in the grand scheme. So the blog sat un-updated for the better part of a year.

When you’re overwhelmed, you have two choices: you can struggle to maintain everything or you can drop what doesn’t matter. This year has been all about defining what matters to me, making that happen, and cutting away all of the extra stuff. That’s meant everything from unsubscribing to different boxes to taking a good hard look at how I spend my free time. Spoiler, I spent a lot of my free time scrolling through Instagram and trying to keep up with influencers. A big light bulb moment, for me, was going on a weekend getaway with my S.O. and spending most of the time taking pictures for #content, rather than um, enjoying the moment. So I made a bold self-care move: I unfollowed every influencer and big brand, instead opting to follow friends, family, and local small businesses.

Some were easy to cut… others… made me rationalize following them in the first place. (“Maybe one day I’ll live in South Carolina and need restaurant recommendations!” “How will I get sneak peeks from the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale?!” “What if I suddenly become interested in home renovations?!” — all genuine excuses that came up.) I knew that studies correlate time spent online with negative self-image but thought I could, somehow, handle the constant feed of perfectly-curated outfits and unbelievably neat planners and spotless homes and still end up feeling good about myself at the end of the day. I could not.

Because I associated influencers with blogging, when I cut them out, I stopped blogging myself. (I promise, it made sense in my brain). But here’s the thing, dear reader, once I started cultivating the parts of my life that mattered to me (returning to therapy! my career! my interpersonal relationships! my relationship with my body!) I found out that my voice does matter. In fact, it’s ultimately the only one that matters to me.

Hence, the return to Daily Darcy. You’ll hear more from me soon about my time away, but for now, I’ll just say hello again 🙂





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