10 Reminders on World Mental Health Day

  1. You don’t have to be perfect to inspire other people.
  2. You have my permission to rest (now give yourself permission)
  3. You get to decide what matters in your life and act accordingly
  4. Your friends like you for who you are
  5. You are allowed to be loud & take up space
  6. You can unfollow anyone on social media that is not sparking joy for you
  7. You are worthy of all of the good things right now; not when you reach a certain goal or meet certain expectations or lost weight. Right now, you are worthy of all of the good things
  8. You very well may have messed up in the past. Look at that past self with grace and forgiveness and look at how far you’ve come and how much you learned
  9. You don’t need to increase your productivity at your job to be “doing important work”. Self-care and caring for others are the most important work you can do
  10. I love you. You got this. Breathe. (And repeat.)




P.s. Here are my favorite reminders as pinnable/postable images! Please feel free to use and share these!

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