My 2020 Goals

Hi there, Reader.

Earlier this month, I hopped on my laptop for a creativity coaching session with my friend (and absolute badass) Leya. I shared that while I was uncovering my goals for 2020 with my goal planner, I was having trouble with the intersection between creative skills that advance my career and creative skills that just make me happy. There was some crossover between the two, but things that fell into the “just make me happy” category made me feel guilty, like I could be spending that time on more productive things. And while on some level, I knew that’s wrong, I kept bumping into that thought pattern. We talked through that and I came out on the other side of the session with goals that will help me advance my career AND fill up my own emotional cup. I’ve learned to embrace that intersection instead of shying away from it.

Here are my 2020 goals!

  • Explore Creative Skills
  • Pursue Professional Development
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Build Financial Health
  • Take Care of My Mental & Physical Health
  • Curate a Joy-Filled Home and Office
  • Plant a Garden

If some of those sound like my goals from last year, it’s because those are things that matter to me! Here’s a more nitty-gritty breakdown.

Explore Creative Skills

Mini Goals: Sing Every Day, Direct Something

Why these goals: Because my voice matters! I got a lot of negative feedback about my singing voice when I was a toxic creative environment as a young adult and that STILL holds me back from singing, even in private. I’m trying to learn to love my vulnerable voice again. Also, easily the most rewarding part of my college career was directing Company as a senior. Directing opportunities may be less accessible to me now than they were in college, but at the end of the day I love directing and it makes me happy!

Pursue Professional Development

Mini Goals: Read a New Play Every Month, Take an IDI Workshop

Why these goals: I’m lazy when it comes to finding shows that I like. Typically, I have to watch something being performed (or workshopped) to form an opinion. But there are a TON of great plays out there that I haven’t seen before that I could direct. I won’t know until I read them. The second part of this goal is a big one. The work that IDI is doing in the theater community is huge. I am crossing my fingers for a nearby workshop in 2020 that I can attend!

Strengthen Relationships

Mini Goals: Relationship Check-Ins, Better Listening

Why these goals: Evan and I have really different schedules (especially in the summer) so it’s important to sit down once a week and just talk to the other person about how things are going. It’s a totally invaluable tool in our relationship toolkit and I definitely want to keep them going in 2020. Confession time: I’m not the best listener. I have been known to interject, to “story-top,” to zone out. Listening is a skill that I’m hoping to improve with practice.

Build Financial Health

Mini Goals: No-Spend Quarter, Create Emergency Fund

Why these goals: I’m starting 2020 off with a three-month freeze on buying stuff. Obviously, I still have to buy food and if I rip my jeans on January 2nd, I will still replace them. But all the cute stuff from the Target Dollar Spot? Gone. Extra craft supplies that I don’t need? Absolutely not. New pens? Nope. I’m learning to be content with what I already have and this is a great practice in buying less. I love The Financial Diet and one of their “10 Commandments” involves creating an emergency fund. I ate up my savings last year when I had to buy a car and haven’t fully financially recovered.

Take Care of My Mental & Physical Health

Mini Goals: Weekly Self-Care, Celebrate My Body

Why these goals: I live and die by my Google calendar so if I want self-care to happen I literally need to set aside time for it. In the winter, I’m less likely to do this for a number of reasons so it’s imperative to set aside time and actually go do it! I have had a complicated relationship with my body since elementary school so I’m also making it a priority in 2020 to celebrate this weird gift I’ve been given that I sometimes hate. I’m moving closer to acceptance every day.

Curate a Joy-Filled Home and Office

Mini Goals: Meal Prepping, Chore Schedule

Why these goals: see “live and die by my Google calendar” above. I have a really hard time eating well when I’m busy (which is all the time) so I’m going to give meal prepping a try. I also want to figure out a chore schedule that works for me so I can finally tackle the laundry monster that plagues me every month.

Grow a Garden

Two gardens, actually. My mini goals for this one are things like “make a plan,” “buy seeds,” and “put time on the calendar to plant.”

Why these goals: land use is incredibly important to me and although I don’t have a garden of my own, I have plenty of space at my mom’s house and at work to grow things. (I’m thinking veggie garden at mom’s, cut flower garden at work). I used to garden with my mom as a kid and really enjoyed it; there’s something deeply rewarding about putting a little seed in the ground and tending to it until it grows into something beautiful or useful. Gardening, like most things on this list, is a skill that I can improve with practice. I’m excited to get started!


What are your goals for 2020? Tell me below!




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