I’m Directing As You Like It!

Howdy reader,

As you might recall from my previous post, directing a play in 2020 was high on my priority list. To make a whirl-windy, made-me-believe-in-intention story short: I’m directing a production of As You Like It that opens in a little over three weeks!

It’s been a real practice in asking for what I want and sticking to it, even when I fall into people-pleasing or conflict-avoidant habits. It hasn’t been easy–goodbye regular sleep schedule–but I’m getting to the part of directing I really like: watching people make discoveries about their characters and take risks.

I wanted to lean into the “escape to the woods” aspect of this play by tracking times throughout history where we have romanticized leaving society to instead enjoy life in the wilderness. Truly, we’ve been doing it since we had societies to escape from, but I’m specifically calling out the Transcendentalists, hippie culture, and today’s #cottagecore as more modern examples of the practice. Here are some photos of my aesthetic inspiration for the production:

My Post

My show playlist, which gently transitions from the early 1600s to today, is also available on Spotify:

Can’t wait to share the show with you the weekend of Valentine’s Day!



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